Drum Scrubber

Drum Scrubber

This machine is used to wash the raw materials with a high amount of mud.

To separate mud and sticky particles that are often attached to the sand, the following methods are used;

Rubbing them together

Throw or hit them together

Moving sand with pressure from weight inside the water


The sand that passes through the drum scrubber is poured on the vibrating screen for gradation, and this step,( because it is specially piped on the screen), the water is sprayed with pressure on the sand and the sand is washed and grained out of the screen.

The mud and other additional particles enter the sand washing machine after passing through the screen and the excess water and particles are removed from the other side of the device.

As a result, sand is washed, cleaned and grained by passing through rotary scrubber, vibrating screen and sand washing machine.


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