Dewatering screen

Dewatering screen

This machine is installed in front of traditional sand washing and due to having a part called hydro cyclone in the upper part, it can absorb all the fine grains of the inlet mixture.


The mixture enters the dewatering screen after hydro cyclone to remove excess moisture. Hydro cyclone performance and dryer screen make the final product have good wind sand and humidity.

A dryer without hydro cyclone becomes a wonderful gravel washing.

Technical Specifications:

Dewatering capacity: 100-140 TPH

Vibrators: 5500 and 3800

Polyurethane plates with Mesh 300

Polyurethane screwed sidebar

Electrical switchboard installed

Polyurethane hydro cyclone liners

Vibrating screen size: 2700×1800 cm

Dimensions :4200×2600×5700 cm


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